Tips for set and setting for ketamine session

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The mindset video for session 3 of my Mindbloom ketamine therapy reminded me of the importance of set and setting. Here are a few tips for set and setting for ketamine sessions:

  1. You definitely don’t want to go into your ketamine session feeling rushed or with any particular outcome, fixated on something you want to get. Rather, be calm and relaxed and ensure you have scheduled in a day that’s relaxed. Bring a spirit of compassion for Self. Nothing in that State (of consciousness/being) can harm you.
  2. Be curious, like a deep sea-diver, said the doctor, Casey Palos, MD, who narrated the video.

The medicine, he continued, provides the territory you wouldn’t normally have access to, so go into it with an explorer’s curious attitude and you may be surprised what comes up.

The ‘set’ for ketamine session: My mindset before, during, after

It is 6 am, the only time in this busy holiday week to get my ketamine session in. We had a beautiful family night last night in Center City Philadelphia, wandering the Christmas Village, taking in the sound and light show at City Hall, watching the ice skaters beneath the strands of Christmas lights, and a gathering around a cozy couple of round tables under the rotunda at the Ritz where they were playing classic Christmas cartoons on the ceiling.

Coming home the lights and houses of Manayunk looked like a miniature town you’d set up for a toy train at Christmas.

I went to bed happy—but anxious my body was hurting (chiropractic care) and all that walking, plus tech neck.
And I had a vague uneasy feeling about myself and the person I’ve become.

If I think rationally about who I am perceived to be in the world. I talk myself into: Most people think I’m pretty great and all is well.

Immediately thereafter this dis-ease comes up, a lot of it perhaps around work, not being completely comfortable in all the new team relationships I’m having to navigate as I still maintain some sense of humility about my role (under-recognized, under-paid).

So I am setting all that aside (the chatter) for now, except for the “love myself” intention and desire to go deep if my third ketamine session has any bearing on my ability to actually do so.

Intention: Loving myself and being present

I’m also committing to being present and engaged on this journey as I haven’t remembered much of what transpired in my mind during the first two sessions. I am creating the intention of:


…and continuing to go wherever the medicine takes me.

I am a bit tired of mind this morning so I am aware that I could get lazy about staying present (or is it focused?). I’ll check Mindbloom for pointers.

I take the pill that prevents nausea.
​It’s called Ondansetron (also called Zofran or ODT), a 4mg tablet.
Dissolve 1 tablet under the tongue 60 minutes prior to each ketamine treatment.

​Here’s what happened during my third ketamine session.


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