Coming 2023, Father's Day!

Inspired as a young man by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road character Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassady in real life), Ed—aka Eddie Chowan, Tony Turtle, Sgt. Thrillhammer, Barry Dingle, William F. Burro—takes to the highway as a long-haul trucker, hitchhiker, and leaving-home dad. Hard-working, hard-drinking, he’s also a prolific letter writer, whose 50 years’ worth of letters to his children, friends and family are imbued with wit, wisdom and cultural relevance.

Through letters and personal interviews, his eldest daughter conducts an inquiry into her father’s life, soon discovering that the book she intended to write is not the one that comes pouring out. Driven to tell her own story as she discovers letters from decades ago, the author relentlessly explores undiscovered incompletions from childhood while also carrying the narrative for her siblings, all of whom were at the effect of their father’s alcoholism.