The Ketamine Diaries

a sober psychonaut navigates psychedelic medicine for existential depression​

 A blog about my exploration of ketamine for depression
​I have been following the psychedelic medicine movement with growing fascination, excited to see it moving closer to mainstream than ever. As a person who’s been sober for more than 30 years, and understanding that psychedelics are about experience vs. escape, I started to explore a variety of psychedelic therapies, including psilocybin (“magic mushrooms”) and ketamine therapy for depression. I share about my mid-life, perimenopausal, existential depression, and ensuing journey with psychedelic medicine as a means of reconnecting with Self and Source.


about my quest to rediscover love of living through psychedelic therapy

Gypsysoul Searching

finding myself in the farthest away places

Travel isn’t just something you do. For some of us, it is who we are.
Changing the scene appeals to our insatiable love of novelty, granting experiences that deepen our relationship with ourselves and the world and serving up moments with people and places that stir the soul like nothing else can. So I write of how travel has transformed and taught me, using the power of words to take people “there,” wherever that may be.


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