Surprising burst of energy and joy after ketamine session

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I felt a surprising burst of energy and joy after ketamine session number four.

Saturday afternoon after my morning ketamine session, I spent hours in bed writing and working on my website and wasn’t tired or lethargic but relaxed and at ease.

At 5 pm we came together from all corners of the house to go for a family car ride and maybe a hot chocolate. There was still snow everywhere, including my car top so when I went to adjust the sun/moonroof to see the nearly half-moon for our ride, snow came crashing in on us, which I found hilarious and chalked it up to the best part of the outing.

We rode in the dark on Lancaster Avenue and listened to music, grabbed drive-thru hot chocolates at Starbucks and kept meandering. When we got home, I proposed watching the new Get Back Beatles documentary, which was thankfully met with zero resistance so I did a quick subscribe to Apple TV and we all settled in to watch together.

On Sunday, I awoke with a surprising amount of energy which lasted all through the day (an unusual thing since I’m often longing for a nap in the afternoon). I hustled with writing and then proceeded to take down the Christmas tree. This was after driving to Conshohocken in the morning to meet up with my sister and niece, visiting from out of town. We had breakfast together and gabbed a couple of hours, then I strolled around IKEA (lots of steps). I was still going strong by 5:30 pm when I gradually tapered off and made some dinner.

​HEALTH. One of my intentions from fourth ketamine therapy session! Being in motion is good for hip pain.


FREEDOM. Of mind, being present, enjoying even the mundane. I cranked the stereo loud for several hours as I did the undecorating. Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, The Beatles Revolver album. I went through all of them, album by album. Music reminded me of how much music matters in my life.

JOYOUSNESS. Obviously, joy showed up, too.

The night before after everyone cleared the room from the Beatles documentary, I sang Beatles karaoke by myself.




My energy continued when I retired last night, putting away all my clean clothes, unpacking my suitcase from Christmas in Maryland, tidying up. I was physically tired and ready to be done but I did it and I was motivated to do it.

That’s how I would sum up the last two days of activity. I had a natural compulsion to get things done rather than the feeling of dread and “I have to…” that often comes up for the simplest of things in my life whether it’s Christmas decorating, putting clothes away, or organizing a drawer.

I just realized how nice that feels⏤to have a natural compulsion to get things done. A relief.


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