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Once you start dipping into the psychedelic universe, every door opens unto another and you become hungry for more information. It’s overwhelming at times so i try not to subscribe to every single thing out there but rather look for what’s really speaking to me and useful for where I am in my inquiry.

That said, here are some psychedelic medicine resources I’ve found particularly useful.

Psychedelic medicine movies and films

Here’s one you can watch with the kids and everybody knows global fungi expert, Paul Stamets, also referenced in Michael Pollan’s book:

  • Fantastic Fungi on Netflix⏤basically about mushrooms as one of the most fundamental aspects of life on our planet. If you didn’t appreciate them before, you will after this. For all kinds of reasons. Required watching.
  • Dosed on Amazon Prime Video⏤about a woman whose decades-long heroin addiction gets a final shake-up with psilocybin (mushrooms), but most effectively, iboga, an African plant medicine. There’s also Dosed 2 The Trip of a Lifetime, which I haven’t watched yet but is now on my list. Find out more about the award-winning Dosed series.

Psychedelic medicine apps

Again, there are more and more apps out there to support you in your psychedelic medicine journey or facilitate integration in between sessions. But these are the ones I’ve started with and have enjoyed using:

  • Trip app on Google Play or App Store⏤trippy music for enhanced psychedelic journeying, information and education about psychedelic medicine and its applications, misc. support, integration guidance and more.
  • Mindleap app on Google Play or App Store⏤really great educational info on individual types of psychedelics, from ketamine and psiloycybin to LSD and and MDMA and DMT. Plus healing support for trauma and addiction, and general wellness support

Psychedelic medicine websites

Lots of good stuff out there and also important to follow reliable sources. Here’s what I like:​

  •⏤mostly courses and certification in Tensegrity, a term coined by renowned shaman and  PhD, Carlos Castañeda, whose books in the Teachings of Don Juan series sparked psychedelic curiosity in the 60s. I haven’t participated in any of the offerings, but some of the teachers are direct descendants of Castañeda, which is a pretty good reference.
  • Fantastic Fungi⏤building on the psilocybin fascination and the film of the same name, you can watch videos from the most recent Fantastic Fungi Global Summit, see who all the players are in this magical mushroom-y space, and get turned on to all the cool mushroom products on the marketplace (psychedelic and otherwise).
  • Healing Maps⏤helps find who’s doing psychedelic medicine work in your neck of the woods.
  • Mindbloom⏤for those interested in exploring ketamine therapy for depression, anxiety, and other dis-eases of mind and spirit. Mindbloom is the company and protocol I chose for my own ketamine therapy experience.
  •⏤grabbed my attention because this site provides info and access to all clinical trials in the United States currently accepting applicants or planning to or completed. You can also tap into psychedelic support groups all around the country, in just about every geographic location, and with a variety of emphases. If you wish to delve deeper and become a practitioner of some sort, this is also where you get official courses and training.
  • Tam Integration⏤for people deeply committed to personal development through psychedelic medicine and integration work, healing, connection and community. They offer online and in-person courses, meditation events, integration circles and more.
  • Tripsitters⏤for finding experienced people who can sit with you during psychedelic journeying, for safety, feedback, integration and guidance, or for becoming a tripsitter yourself.

Psychedelic medicine articles

A few resources that may be of interest as you continue your research:

Have a favorite resource or article? Feel free to share it in the comments. 


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